We have a huge variety of handmade, British biscuits on offer. Many of these flavours are exclusive to Abbey Biscuits and are the perfect touch to create a unique service for your customers.

Available in bulk loose in boxes, acetate trays, twin packs, retail boxes and retail tubes. Please download our price (below) for more information and pricing.

The following varieties are available in twin packs, acetate trays and bulk loose in boxes. * indicates the variety is also available in retail boxes. ** indicates the variety is available in retail boxes and retail tubes:

Queen Drop
Coconut Drop
Lemon Drop
Plain Shrewsbury
Fruit Shrewsbury
Oat Biscuit
Abbey Lincoln
Scotch Shortbread
Ginger Wafer
Yorkshire Parkin
*Harvest Crunch
Treacle Crunch
Chocolate & Orange
Cherry Shortie
Toffee Crunch
Oat & Raisin
**Raspberry & Oat Biscuits

Chocolate Chip Cookies
*Chocolate Brownie Biscuits
*Ginger Dunker Biscuits
Custard Cookies
Fruit Knick Knacks
Syrup Knick Knacks
*Butter Shortbread Biscuits
**Mince Pie Shorties
Banana & Custard Cookies
Sherry Trifle Cookies
Spiced Butter Shortbread
Black Forest Gateaux Shorties
Strawberry and Champagne Shorties
Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies
Christmas Pudding Shorties
**Orange & Lemon St. Clements
**Mixed Berry Biscuits